Who writes this thing?

Imagine a picture of a wing here.

The only person responsible for this lost-buoy of a blog is Timothy Emmanuel Brown, also known by the moniker keyofnight. He is a recent graduate in the field of Philosophy, and so he is disgruntled but hopeful. He is disgruntled because the degree bestowed to him by the great University of California is supposed to be a sign that he is better than everyone else. Also, since said degree is in Philosophy he is expected to stand in the employment line with head held high.

He is hopeful because none of it is true—both the part about being better and the part about unemployment. Degrees don’t make people better, colaboration and challenge do. Philosophy isn’t totally useless: it can make you a better person.

Key currently resides in Southern California, particularly the Los Angeles region. He can be found grazing in the concrete fields somewhere between Okidog and Roscoe’s Chicken and Waffles (…and yes, this speaks to his personality). Key spends his spare time: designing web sites, snaping photographs for fun and profit, and writing short pieces for (hopefully) magazine publication.


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